Folk Dance :  Dances Originating from the Villages are known as Folk Dance. The People residing in the Villages grow up since Birth , Passing Childhood, Youth and old age in interaction with the mountains, streams , forests, animals , birth , life , happiness etc. revolves round nature. Villagers sing and dance without any inhibition . They sing and dance not for others but for themselves. There are not any fixed rule and regulation in folk dance . simple villagers including Men , Women , Children have nurtured it and used it for their Expression . Dhol , Nishan , Muhuri, Dhamasa , flute are the Folk Music Instrument which are used in folk dances.

There are many types of  Folk Dances in India  . Odisha is one of the states where there are many Folk Dances like Jhumar , Karma, Dalkhai , Rasarkeli,Dhudaki , Ghumura , Danda Nacha  etc.

Dalkhai : Dalkhai : Dalkhai Dance is the most famous folk Dance of the District Bolangir , Sonepur , Sambalpur, Sundargarh, and Boudh . Dalkhai Festival is Celebrated during Dussehra. Young girls are observe “Dalkhai  fast ” during Ashtami day. They worship to goddess Durga . they sing the Dalkhai song and dance with the rhythm of Drums , Nishan , Tasha, Muhuri . Dancing is done with such fervour and intensity that the old become Young while Performing Dalkhai dance.


Karma : Karma Dance is a famous Folk Dance of Sambalpur and Phulbani district in western odisha. During karma pooja it  is celebrate in Bhadra Shukla Ekadashi . The people worship Goddess  “karamsani” in karma puja . In karma dance a single person sings and dances to the beating of “Madala ” and the village youths perform the dance.

Jhumar : Jhumar is a chorus of Dance and music .This dance is practiced in the Districts Sambalpur , Sundargarh,Keonjhar.The Rasa Nritya of Sri krishna and Radha in the banks of river Yamuna in the rhythm of Jhumar is the theme of Jhumar Folk Dance . Expression one’s joy by swaying to accompaniment of songs is known as Jhumar. 


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